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To attract our core audience of teenage boys, we wanted to create a website for Ball Park Franks that was quintessentially “Teen Guy.” Video games are a HUGE part of their lives, so we created a site that would appeal to their love for them, making navigating around the site a game within itself.

After the user chooses a macho form of transportation, be it a dune buggy, tank or monster truck, they are taken to a map page. Their vehicle is found in the middle of screen, which they can drive around by using arrow keys.

The map scrolls out, top to bottom, left to right, exposing more area on the map, the vehicle always remaining in the middle of the screen. The user literally explores the site in this map format. The more they drive around and explore, the more cool stuff they find.

Content on the site is  accessed by driving to “destinations” found all over the map. These destinations are links that take them to other pages or sites. New content can continually be added to the site to keep it fresh by adding new destinations.

Hot dogs are also found randomly around the map that users can pick up and collect for points. They can compete with other players for points, which are posted on a leader board. The more points they have, the more cool stuff they can unlock.

Destinations on map/site

Just a few samplings of what was found on our site and the mind of every hungry teen guy on the planet.

Ball Park Channel

Link to our partnership with Heavy.com. Ball Park’s own page on their site where users will find a compilation of videos to get their fix for weird, whack, and almost certainly, questionable humor.


Link to different games, updated monthly, incorporating our iconic Ball Park arm in the action.

Skate. Surf. Ride. Wreck.

Link to our partnership with Transworld. If it can put you in the hospital, you’ll find it here in this compilation of extreme sports videos.


Ball Park’s own page where users can see our spots, viral videos, and download their own videos.

Coming Soon...

What’s your “Man Name?”

It’s hard to feel like a real man if your name is Gordon or Timmy. So, when they’re on our website, users can get a whole new “Man Name.” Users enter their name and, after a random search through it’s data banks, Gordon is now “Thor” and Timmy becomes “Crusher.” Those are the names of people who go to jail for starting bar fights, in other words, real men. These names are remembered on the site and users keep them every time they log on.

Monkey Cam

At one point or another, every guy has at least considered getting a monkey as a pet. Here they can finally have their very own simian compadre. We set up a live web cam in a monkey habitat where they can check back whenever they want to see what their monkey is up to.


Guys like em’ as much as midgets like...well, whatever it is midgets like. So, here’s a collection of footage of some of the coolest explosions you’ll ever witness. Ka-Blooey!!!

Hunger Portrait Gallery

In this area of the website, visitors will find our lovable “Hunger Arm” shot in all different perspectives, all holding a Ball Park Frank. They can then download any jpeg of themselves, friends or family members on to the site, affix a hunger arm onto their stomach area (Along with the “Hunger gets what Hunger wants” line) and can then send them a picture with their very own hunger arm. Users can then take the shots and use them as wallpaper on their cell phones or desktop art on their computers.