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                                                                             For Samsung’s launch of their new tablet, they wanted to find a way to get it into people’s

                                                                             hands and let them experience its improved functionality and graphics for themselves, a

                                                                             tablet test drive, if you will.

                                                                             Luckily, the timing of the launch just happened to correspond with the insanely popular

                                                                             NCAA basketball tournament, so we wanted to find a way to to leverage the occasion to

                                                                             showcase and introduce consumers to the tablet’s capabilities.

                                                                             We came up with an effort called “Fan Link” which consisted of finding the most popular

sports bar in college towns of the teams represented in the tournament. A live webcam was installed in each of the bars. On game day, tablets were handed out to fans in each venue. Whichever two teams were playing each other, we’d link those two bars together via the live cams so the occupants of each bar could see and interact with the opposing fans in real time on the Samsung tablets. They could also write messages back and forth via a live comment stream.

Fans could also get live feeds of the game (in case they had bad seats and couldn’t get a good view of the TVs), real time game stats and profiles of every player on the tablets.

Live Game Feed

Real Time Stats

Player Profiles