Research told us, a lot of the time, people visit TGI Friday’s to celebrate a special occasion or significant event. So, we came up with the idea for a Friday’s iPhone app that gives them something to celebrate every day of the year.

We found real events of quasi-importance or lesser-known holidays for each and every day. Every morning, at the touch of a button, the user would get a new, updated digital announcement on their iphone informing them what there is to celebrate that day. If they ever need an excuse or a gentle nudge to come on in and enjoy themselves, they get 365 of them a year.

The weirdness and randomness of the events and holidays is what keeps it fun and interesting.

They could also send these announcements to friends, inviting them to meet up at Friday’s for whatever there is to celebrate that day.

It was a way to give consumers something to have some fun with and keep the brand top of mind on a daily basis.

Here’s what a typical week looked like....